The Bride


This week, we celebrated the opening of Hosanna House, a home for women who want to get off the streets and come into life of safety and value in Jesus Christ. The following vision, written by Terri Watt, describes the past and coming future of the kinds of women we are ministering to. Please continue to pray that these women would grow to understand the revelation of love from their Heavenly Father.


She stood in the darkness toward the back of the room and to the left. Not quite in the corner but almost. Tall and stiff like a military guard but clothed in nothing but shadows. Lost, shamed, fearful, trying to see some hope in the twilight. But everything was black. Everything except a soft pale light over her right shoulder that helped to illuminate the outline of her face and short, straight hair. What was she doing there in that place? Hiding her shame, her regret, her nakedness? Didn’t she know there were no secrets in here?

Outside the thin, gaunt hunting dogs prowled and whined wanting access to the girl, trying to sniff out the weakness that was sure to reveal itself. Waiting for the feast that would follow once the fence was let down, even if just for a moment. But then….the prayers, the prayers that had bathed the home with love and faith  turned into a pure, dazzling whiteness that left everything else peripheral and hazy. The girl, she sighs, softens her posture, her slender arms held upward, delicate and graceful. The satin gown slips over her head and flows down the length of her body in a perfect fit. She smiles as a hand takes hers and leads her to the door. Just then the dogs renew their howling, hungry chorus. Saliva runs down their jaws as they sense the hunt is almost up. But no! Their master speaks sharply, “sit…stay…stand down….we may not devour this one, neither by cunning or violence, it is forbidden. This one wears the robe of righteousness, the pure white gown of the bride. The ring on her finger and the mark upon her brow bespeaks of a life belonging to another. See, that king, that man, that Savior, he paid a heavy price for her. Now she is protected and beyond our reach.”

I laugh with joy and deep contentment. There she is, reborn, beautiful and strong. She stands upon the threshold, smiling for all to see, wrapped in the protecting arms of her loving Father. No longer swallowed in the inky blackness of her past, she runs freely through the open door and steps into the kingdom where she finds all her heart has ever longed for.


Hosanna House will provide a safe place for women to begin to develop their relationship with God and learn life skills to contribute and give back to the community around them. Many of them have seen homelessness, addiction, and hurt. All of these fears and uncertainties will be overcome with the love of Christ expressed in and through their lives. Continue to partner with us in prayer and contribution to the women in this home.

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